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Reasons Why You Should Start Using TikTok Influencers for Influencer Marketing In 2022 -Socialsoln

In 2021 TikTok was the most downloaded app on the Play Store and Apple Store, with more than 656 million downloads, surpassing Instagram by more than 100 million downloads. Making it the third consecutive time TikTok has retained the number one spot. These stats show that more people are into TikTok than other social media platforms.


This growth is due to the amazing short creative video content published by TikTok creators. Because of this, many brands and marketers have started looking for opportunities to connect with customers. And the best way to go about this is by leveraging on content creators and influencers that understand how the platform works.


If you are still not convinced of the potential of TikTok, then this post is for you. In this post, I will be discussing the various reasons why you need to start using TikTok Influencers.


Reasons Why You Should Start Using TikTok Influencers?

Below are 5 reasons why you should start using TikTok influencers for your Influencer marketing:


#1 Organic Reach is Great

Tiktok organic reach

Can you still remember the organic reach of Instagram and Facebook when they were first launched? If yes then multiply it by 5 that is how great organic reach on TikTok is.


TikTok encourages virality, and content that is astounding will naturally be promoted by the platform to a large audience. This is to encourage users to become committed to the platform and invest more time in it.


Another reason why TikTok’s organic reach is great is related to the ability of users to download watermarked videos of creators and share them on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Whatsapp status and others. This in turn will drive traffic from those platforms to TikTok.


So, how does this relate to influencer marketing? First, you need to know that only viral content gets featured more by TikTok. And TikTok influencers are good at creating content that goes viral, that is how most creators are able to grow thousands of followers in just a few months of using the platform.


#2 TikTok Influencers are Creative

Tiktok influencers are Creative

The most creative influencers out there can be found on TikTok. Most TikTok influencers out there are great entertainers and are very creative at getting the attention of viewers, which is great for marketing.


#3 TikTok Influencers are Cost-Effective

Tiktok influencers are cost effective

Compared to other platforms (YouTube and Instagram) influencers, who charge ridiculous amounts for shout-outs.

TikTok influencers are known to charge less for the same amount of followers and deliverables compared to Instagram and YouTube. And what more your content gets to remain on the platform forever generating awareness and traffic to your website continuously except when the influencers decide to remove them. Making them cost-effective compared to Instagram where content loses the chances of virality after 24hrs except for reels video.


Now, let us discuss why TikTok influencers charge less. These are associated with the following reasons:


  • 1. It is easy to grow your account on TikTok compared to Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. All you need to do is to create great content and use the right set of hashtags and songs. And you will find your way to 100K followers in no time.


  • 2. Another reason has to do with the competition among influencers on TikTok. They’re many content creators and influencers with significant audiences looking for brand partnerships on TikTok. This gives brands several options to pick from, and Influencers whose rates are not competitive enough don’t usually get enough brand deals.


  • 3. Finally, TikTok influencers don’t typically use expensive video editing tools when creating content, all they often use is their iPhone or Smartphone and the TikTok app for editing the video. Because of this, most TikTok influencers don’t frequently hire professional video editors and image editors for creating content.


This means the upfront cost for producing great content is low, hence the low rate for promotion. The important question now is, do casually edited videos without the touch of a professional perform well on TikTok? The answer is yes, and this is because TikTok is all about casual vibe. It is a platform where brands can share fun and raw videos.


#4 TikTok’s Influencers Don’t Usually Engage in Pods

Engagement pod infographics

The issue of engagement pods is one of the downsides of influencer marketing. Influencers that are part of an engagement pod usually don’t convert. This is because the engagement on their post is not genuine. After all, the engagement is bought about by an exchange of engagement, not genuine interest in the post.


This is a common practice among Instagram influencers. Instagram’s influencers engage in pods to boost their engagement, so they can trick the Instagram algorithm to promote their post to more audiences and also, so brands can think they have a high engagement rate.


However, this practice is less common among TikTok influencers because TikTok’s organic reach is great and users on TikTok are more engaging than on any other social media platform. Hence, most TikTok influencers don’t bother engaging in engagement pods.


#5 TikTok Have Your Target Audience

Target audience

Though the majority of TikTok’s users are Gen Z. But, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any other Age groups on TikTok. In fact, according to a study, 40% of millennials are active TikTok users, this alone shows that your audiences are on TikTok.


It is also worth noting that TikTok’s algorithm is very accurate at delivering users with specific content based on their interests, no matter the niche they are in.



TikTok is an amazing platform with a lot of potentials that marketers and businesses can tap into before it becomes over-saturated like Facebook and Instagram. And the best way to go about this is by leveraging the influence power of the content creators on the platform.


Are you ready to get started with influencer marketing on TikTok?


Reach out to me on FIVERR to get started.


Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links, from which we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. This, however, does not affect our reviews and comparisons. We make every effort to keep things fair and balanced in order to assist you in making the best decision possible.

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