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How to Run a Successful Influencer Campaign In 2022 -Socialsoln

Among all the marketing strategies available, influencer marketing is unique.  In that, it is a form of endorsement type of marketing, whereby an individual known as an influencer promotes a brand’s product to his or her followers. This is why it is so successful because influencer followers tend to trust them more than brands.


However, influencer marketing campaign is not as simple as most people think. A lot of things can go wrong if you don’t know how to go about it. In this post, I will show you how to go about running a successful influencer marketing campaign as a beginner in 2022.


Note: I assume you already have a list of influencers with a high engagement rate (The average engagement rate of most niches on Instagram is usually 3.0%). If you don’t, visit this page to get yours or read this posts to know how to identify influencers with fake engagement and following.

Before you approach an influencer, have an objective carefully laid out, and know what you want and what you want them to do. Such as:

1. How many posts would you like them to do?


2. What would you like them to promote?


3. How would you like them to promote the product (Video or picture promotion)


4. What will you give in exchange for the promotion (Cash or free product or both)


Then, approach them

Be nice, professional, straightforward, and friendly.

#Step 1

Contact the influencers using one of the emails or dm templates I provide you (click on this link to get the email or dm templates).

Proceed in this order:

  • Send an Email

image showing sample of influencer outreach email in use

Note: This is just a sample of an Influencer campaign I conducted
  • Then send them a direct message on Instagram
  • Reach them on other social media, such as Twitter, Kik, Facebook and Blog to make sure you get in touch with them
  • Send a follow-up email, I provided you 3 days after the first message


Note: Some influencers might not respond to you in the next 2 days. There is no need to panic, they might be busy. Influencers are also human, and they also have families and other things to attend to.

What you can do to gain their attention and get an immediate response is to leave a comment on their recent post (posted 2 to 30 min ago) immediately after you send them a dm. This comment should be something like this, “business-related, please check your dm”.

#Step 2

When the influencers respond with their rates? Request for their page insight.

Image showing sample of Instagram influencer page analytics

Sample of Influencer Page Insight.

#Step 3

Analyze the influencer’s page insight and make sure their page insight is close to your customer persona. Ideally, I prefer working with influencers that have more female audiences (50% to 70%) compared to males, if the product can be used by both sexes. I also prefer influencers that have a high percentage of age groups 25–34 and 35–44 as their audience or followers (this is because these age groups have high purchasing power compared to other age groups).

Note: Know who your target customers are (gender, age group, location etc.) before you proceed with any influencer campaign.

#Step 4

If the influencer’s page insight matches your customer persona, the next step is to negotiate with the influencer. For tips on how to negotiate with influencers, contact me to get the free e-book.

** If they have other platforms, try to negotiate for a post on their other social media platform as well.

For more tips on how to negotiate with influencers (click here).

#Step 5

Send a legal contract to the influencer (click here to get a copy for free) and make sure he or she signs it. This is very important to avoid misunderstanding during and after the campaign.

#Step 6

Send the product to be advertised to the influencer once you have agreed on the price and he or she has signed the contract.

#Step 7

Ask for the influencer’s payment details. I prefer to use PayPal and in most cases, I will advise you to use PayPal over any other payment gateway. This is because, if the influencer(s) did not carry out the shoutout, you can always file a claim to PayPal and your money will be refunded.

#Step 8

Pay the influencer and send the screenshot through email to the influencer.

#Step 9

Ask the influencer(s) to post your ads when their audience is usually active and always insist that your ads should be the first ad of the day, that way the audience will not be overwhelmed.

#Step 10

Most people typically stop at step 9, after they pay the influencers they assume that they are done. Meanwhile, there is still a lot to be done. During the campaign, you have to be available to reply to the influencer’s follower’s inquiry on your product in the comment section. Customers like brands that interact with their customers on their social media platforms.


Managing influencer marketing campaigns can be quite stressful and time-consuming if the proper steps are not followed. Hence, it is important to always follow the right step to avoid unnecessary stress and save time.

Are you ready to get started with influencer marketing?

Reach out to me on Fiverr to get started.

Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links, from which we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. This, however, does not affect our reviews and comparisons. We make every effort to keep things fair and balanced in order to assist you in making the best decision possible.

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